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Chapter 9 Harnessing the Power of Your Mind

In recent times, there has been so much written about the power of the mind that almost everybody knows something about it. The danger lies in believing that we know how to harness that information properly in order to live fulfilling lives. I do not claim to be an authority in this area but this book would be incomplete without sharing with you some of that information. More than any other chapter, you need to come to this subject with an open mind. You need to be a parachute, ready to open up. There is nothing to bring but your awareness and attention. Anything else is excess baggage and will only hinder you. Just like the airport excess baggage any baggage in this arena will really cost you. This is where you come to make yourself irresistible to anything you desire, including money. Most people who read this book will do just fine following some of the general advice, but the people who will surprise even themselves are those who will pay particular attention to this chapter and practise, practise, practise. What you need for whatever purpose is already provided for you and it is there for everyone in greater quantities than anyone could possibly use. You are not in competition with anyone for your share! This is a universal truth. It is that substance that is said to be omniscient and omnipresent and it responds to your deepest silence. If you have trouble believing this, look through history to see how the most profound and life changing discoveries were made. Most of them came when the seeker was in a state of reverie having fallen asleep whilst working on the problem. That’s deep profound silence preceded by a single minded focus on something overly important to them at the time. Please share the results of your research at and pick up a prize. The beauty of this universal substance is that it has no favourites but it does practise favouritism. It will only respond to single minded focused intentional attention wrapped in deep intensity and served on a golden platter of profound silence. With this recipe, you cannot fail. Most books exhort you to use your thoughts to deliver your requests to this ever ready, ever willing servant waiting on your whispered order. The only problem is which one? You remember how many thoughts are going through your mind every minute? Forty two thoughts per minute! So how do you focus on just the one, the ambassador for your desire? It is simple but not easy. You have to turn everything else off and hold only the one key thought about what you are asking for. Make it clear and concise or you will be inclined to wander off on a tangent if you make it too long. Remember the scene in Braveheart, the movie. There are literally thousands of men, or so it seems, yet there is a moment just before they charge into battle when there is absolute profound silence. They are so synchronised that they stop to look like individuals for a moment but look like a large amorphous beast. If you see the rest of your thoughts like those soldiers, how could the Divine Substance even know how to pick one? But if you imagine yourself walking into that scene and launching this massive rocket of desire into that space in that moment of silence, you now have a picture of how to tackle the issue of making your one thought stand out.

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